Initial Consultation

  • This meeting will be at the property and should include the owners and decision makers of your household along with your project manager from Earth Artisans. It is a good idea to have photos available of landscapes or elements within the landscape that you like. During this consultation we will review:
  • Your Existing Space to be renovated
  • Your goals, ideas and dreams for your space
  • Your Budget
  • Your desired timeframe
  • Insights and ideas from your Project Manager
  • Our Process
  • Deciding whether to do a Landscape Design or move into Construction Estimating
  • For

Landscape Design

Based on the information conceived at your Initial Consultation, we will develop a Landscape Design Agreement that will detail the process and fees of this service. Design fees are based on an hourly cost and will vary based on the scope and complexity of your project. Once the Agreement has been signed and the deposit is paid (50% of the anticipated cost), your designer will schedule a meeting with you to start the design process. Your design will start with the conceptual plan which will show the general organization of the major elements within your project. Upon sign-off from you on the conceptual plan, then we move into the detailed plan. With the finalization of the detailed plan you can expect:
A hard copy and electronic file of the 2-dimensional drawing of your property showing the location of the elements within the project
Detailed Material List - Including type and quantity of plants, stone, mulches, lighting, grass/sod, and other features.

  • Construction Estimate- Includes complete cost for building your complete landscape design and includes a schedule of how long your project is anticipated to take. You may need to complete your project in separate phases over time, in which case we will help you decide on the logical phasing of your project.

Before your Landscape Design kick-off meeting,
Please have these items available for your designer:
  • Your Plot Plan, which is a scaled plan-view drawing of your property that shows your property boundaries, your home and other features such as driveways, garages and outbuildings.
  • HOA (Homeowners Association) Landscape Guidelines(if applicable)
  • Photos of landscape elements that you like which can find on Pinterest or Google Images

Landscape Estimate-

This will include the labor, materials and equipment costs for your project as well as a timeline for completing your project. The timing to receive an estimate will be based upon our current workload, the complexity and scope of your project which will be identified at your Initial Consultation. Once your estimate is complete, we will schedule a time to review the details with you, either in person or on a conference call to make sure we are answering any questions that you have. After this Estimate Review meeting, we will send you an electronic copy for your records and review.

Landscape Construction-

Upon acceptance of your Estimate, we transfer this information into a Landscape Construction Agreement which contains the Terms & Conditions as well as your warranty details. Upon acceptance, we will sign the Agreement and collect a 50% deposit, which will get you placed into our Construction schedule. Once your project is on the schedule, we will order and schedule your materials for delivery and complete our pre-construction checklist. In agreement with you, we will designate a material, equipment, and trash storage area. During the course of your project, you may want to make changes, in which case, let your project manager know and we will assess the change requested, identify the implications of this change in schedule and cost, and submit a Change-Order to you for sign-off prior to starting the change. Through-out the construction process, your area of renovation will be considered a work-zone and hazards may exist, so you will want to limit your family's interactions in these areas to reduce the potential of accidents. During your construction, you will receive weekly updates from your project manager, which in some cases may require an in-person meeting. Upon completion of construction, we will schedule a final walk-through of the project to get your approval and sign-off that the project is complete. During this meeting, we will train you on any systems or features that have been installed. After the completion of your project, Earth Artisans will stop by twice within the first month to inspect the project to make sure that all of the systems and features are functioning properly and then once a month during the growing season for the first year following the completion of your project.

Quality Guaranteed-

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Earth Artisans guarantees for 1 year that the systems and features that we install will function as intended. If you see that something is not working properly, simply Contact Us and we will send a representative to inspect and report our findings and solutions back to you. Please review your Landscape Agreement for more in-depth details about our Guarantee.

Important Considerations-

  • Our work is outside, so if there is inclement weather, our schedule will be delayed. This will impact your start and/or finish date. We appreciate your understanding and patience with nature, we will keep you updated as these events occur.
  • If you wish to have ongoing garden maintenance after construction, we will connect you with one of our preferred Landscape Maintenance companies to help you keep your project looking fresh.